Hey, I'm Josh.
Web Developer

A Little Bit About Me

I am a 24 year old web developer focused on building great products that help people. I have my degree in Computational Neuroscience from DePaul University and I have that degree to thank for introducing me to what has become my passion: web development. From that first Intro to Computer Science course to the first React app (a todo list, of course), I knew I had found my passion. I have spent all of my time learning and growing my development skills, resulting in projects that I am proud to present here.

Projects I'm Working On

Bookstand thumbnail

An application used to help people organize their bookstands. Users can add books manually or search Google Books to fill out their library. They can add tags to organize their books and they can keep track of their reading state so they don't have to worry about losing their spot.

Filmmaker Search thumbnail
Filmmaker Search

A website that puts the focus on the filmmakers and allows users to discover the people behind the scenes that brought their favorite movies and shows to life.